Easter made easy
Sweet and savory recipe ideas

Easter is a very traditional holiday, but who says you have to cook in the traditional way? With the Croustina Breadmaker, the Slow Juicer or Microwave, you can conjure many different dishes. From breakfast or brunch to coffee and dinner.

Take delight in the sweetness

Carrots are versatility wonders. They can be used for both sweet and savoury dishes. Instead of turning on the big oven, use the Croustina breadmaker to make deliciously sweet (and vegan!) Carrot Cashew Coconut Cake. When you use the Panasonic Slow Juicer to make the cashew milk and carrot juice, you are preserving nutrients that make this sweet bread healthier too.

And while you have the Slow Juicer out, conjure up healthy Honeydew Orange & Carrot Juice. This refreshing sweet and tangy juice is perfect for giving you a boost of vitamin power.

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Revel in the savouriness

When you think of Easter, most likely eggs and lamb come to mind too. With the Panasonic Steam Combi microwave, you can easily conjure up Steamed Easter Lamb with Spring Vegetables. Or use the Panasonic Hand Blender to whip up Roasted Carrots with Green Carrot Pesto on Potato Puree.

Serve these with Rye Bread with Bacon & Pepper or Moist Carrot Bread with Seeds, both made with the Panasonic breadmakers.

If eggs are your thing, or if celiac sensitivity is an issue, try the Gluten-free Beetroot & Spinach Quiche. With the Panasonic Microwave featuring Inverter technology, it’s easy to make and comes out evenly cooked.

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