Easter made easy
Sweet and savory recipe ideas

Easter is a very traditional holiday, but who says you have to cook in the traditional way? With the Croustina Breadmaker, the Slow Juicer or Microwave, you can conjure many different dishes. From breakfast or brunch to coffee and dinner.
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How to make a sourdough starter in 7 days

Here is my simple guide to make a sourdough starter from scratch in only 7 days, perfect for beginners. First of all, it should be said that you will not find any scientific explanations here, but I’ve tried to write down step-by-step instructions as easily as possible for everyone who is still a little shy...Read More
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Experience Fresh – Inspired by healthy Japanese cooking

Check out this blog article on Experience Fresh and our Japanese heritage, based on the concept of Washoku. Discover how Panasonic kitchen products inspire you to use fresh, flavourful and wholesome ingredients to prepare dishes that everyone will love. Delicious meals with minimal effort and maximum nutrients for a healthy lifestyle.
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