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Fondue of potatoes and artichokes sous-vide



This recipe uses the sous-vide technique for cooking in a healthy way while preserving the nutritional content of the food almost completely, and retaining the pigmentation, producing dishes whose colour is unchanged after cooking with less oxidation.




Using a grinder or pestle and mortar, reduce the spices to a fine powder.


Clean the artichokes and place them in the vacuum bags, adding the ground spices, salt, oil and water. Create the vacuum and seal them
(instead of vacuum cooking, you can cook them in a pan using the same ingredients and a little more water).


Place the potatoes and artichokes into the oven and set the steam mode (if you don’t have this, put a bowl of boiling water on the bottom of the oven and set the temperature to 110°C). Cook for 60 minutes.


Once the potatoes are cooked, peel them and chop in pieces, put them into the blender together with the other “fondue” ingredients and blend at maximum speed until you have a runny cream.


Pour the potato fondue into a flat dish and add two quarters of the artichoke cooked sous-vide, slightly overlapping. Decorate with a pea shoot, a little oil and a sprinkling of ground black pepper.


Fondue of potatoes and artichokes sous-vide

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Adjust Servings:
400g mountain potatoes ingredient for potato fondue
20g extra virgin olive oil ingredient for potato fondue
50g water ingredient for potato fondue
fine salt ingredient for potato fondue
artichokes sous-vide
4 purple artichokes ingredient for artichokes sous-vide
8ml extra virgin olive oil ingredient for artichokes sous-vide
30ml water ingredient for artichokes sous-vide
fine salt ingredient for artichokes sous-vide
cinnamon ingredient for artichokes sous-vide
cloves ingredient for artichokes sous-vide
baby fennel ingredient for artichokes sous-vide
saffron ingredient for artichokes sous-vide
black pepper ingredient for artichokes sous-vide
nutmeg ingredient for artichokes sous-vide
pea sprouts ingredient for garnish
extra virgin olive oil ingredient for garnish
black pepper ingredient for garnish

Martino Beria

Martino Beria

Martino Beria is an Italian chef, graduated in Food Science and Gastronomy, specialized in plant based cuisine. He is also an author and consultant for restaurants and food companies.

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