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Simple Sourdough Starter Culture Recipe

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This is the first step to make a sourdough bread. This ‘culture’ or ‘starter’ is a pre-fermented mixture of flour and water which contains a yeast and lactobacilli microorganism colony. There are many different ways of creating this starter depending on what type of dough you want to create. This recipe is our tried and tested version.
You may have been linked here from one of our sourdough recipe and it is important to begin with this ‘starter’ or ‘culture’ before proceeding to the creation of your sourdough bread. No need to fear though it’s very easy!




Mix the sourdough ingredients in a glass bowl. Cover with a damp tea towel and secure with an elastic band. Leave for at least 12 hours to prove at room temperature.


You will have enough starter for two or three loaves. Keep the remaining starter in the fridge.


Simple Sourdough Starter Culture Recipe


1 tsp dry yeast
300g strong white flour
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
300ml water
1 tsp sugar
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