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Hemp Milk


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Add the hemp seeds and the water into a jug or bowl. You can optionally add your choice of additional ingredients such as cinnamon.


Mix and pour a couple of tablespoons into your slow juicer. Turn on the slow juicer and proceed by pouring another 2-3 tablespoons, open the drip stop and continue in this way until you have used all the water and hemp seeds in the jug.


Transfer the milk into a sterilized bottle and close the lid firmly.


Hemp milk is kept fresh in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days. Shake the bottle well before each use. Hemp milk is suitable for making smoothies and shakes. It is not suitable for preparing oatmeal, risottos, puddings or the like.


Hemp Milk


Adjust Servings:
110g hemp seeds
1 l natural mineral water
you can add your choice of:
pinch of salt
dark cocoa

Francesca Bettoni

Francesca Bettoni

Beauty therapist, fitness trainer and expert in sports nutrition, Francesca has always taken care of the wellbeing and health. Beauty Food Blog was created based on her love for food and nature, same as Francesca’s passion for photography and constant search of wellbeing through nutrition. The food can leverage our beauty and make us shining from inside!

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