Health Benefits of Air Frying

Air fryers are the latest ‘must have’ kitchen appliance and with good reason. They are space, time, and energy efficient whilst providing that delicious fried flavour and texture to the food we love using a fraction of the oil. But the question that’s on the tip of our tongue is are they a healthy way to cook?

Here are 5 fast nutrition facts on air frying:

1. Lower in fat and energy

Air frying is the ultimate low-fat way to achieve the same taste and texture as frying and even deep frying. The food goes into a basket which resembles a deep-fryer yet instead of immersing it in a vat of oil, tiny oil droplets are dispersed in heated air which ultimately cooks the food giving it’s characteristic crispy texture (1). Panasonic Air Fryers take things to the next level, using 360-degree airflow technology, heating food from the top and bottom so less turning and shaking is needed to achieve that perfectly cooked dish. What’s more, any fat released from the food can be drained away. Ultimately air frying means less oil, which also equates to fewer calories in the dish benefiting those watching their waistline.


2. You can still enjoy your favourite ‘fake-aways’

We all know that those deep-fried takeaways aren’t exactly good for us, but healthy eating doesn’t mean we need to miss out. Air fryers can be an easy way to whip up ‘fake-aways’, such as fish and chips or crispy fried chicken, all whilst being better for our health. Research has shown that air frying uses 90% less oil in comparison to deep frying resulting in a dish with a fraction of the fat and calories (2).


3. May produce fewer harmful compounds

Deep-frying involves cooking in extremely hot oil, which has been shown to result in a higher concentration of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) in food. These are compounds which form when sugar reacts with protein or fats under high heat and have been associated with an increased risk of oxidative stress and inflammation (3). Acrylamide is another compound which can form when cooking starchy foods such as potatoes at high temperatures and has been classed as a possible carcinogen (4). Early research suggests that air frying may result in a lower production of both compounds when compared to deep frying (5,6). However it’s important to bear in mind, that levels of these compounds are more of a concern when using the same oil to deep-fry at high temperatures over several weeks which is less likely to occur with the occasional deep frying at home.

4. Considers health without compromising on texture and flavour

Have you ever wondered what makes succulent and juicy meat taste so good? Research suggests that it’s likely due to the food’s fat and moisture content (7). A common misconception of air frying is that it dries food out, however, if using a Panasonic Air Fryer you can be rest assured that it takes healthy cooking to the next level without compromising on flavour. It includes a gentle steam technology resulting in tender and juicy food on the inside yet crispy on the out.


5. A convenient way to cook healthy meals

It’s common knowledge that home-cooked meals are often more balanced in comparison to takeaways and eating out, yet time, energy and knowledge can be a big stumbling block when it comes to rustling up our own meals in the kitchen. If you need that helping hand, then you’ll be pleased to know that air fryers are compact, efficient and incredibly convenient to use. Their versatility means you can cook almost anything in an air fryer, so you’ll never get bored! All in all, they’re a handy appliance to make healthy home cooking that much easier.





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Lily Soutter

Lily Soutter

Lily Soutter is a leading London nutritionist BSc MSc ANutr. Her extensive knowledge of the science of food and health enables her to regularly write for national press and feature on prime-time TV shows. Lily’s passion is to simplify the science around nutrition, to provide health hacks and smarter eating strategies that empower people to enjoy a healthy and successful lifestyle.