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Vegan Nicecream


  • “Niceream” base

  • For raspberry “nicecream”

  • For strawberry “nicecream”

  • For blueberry “nicecream”

  • For choco “nicecream”

  • For matcha “nicecream”

  • For golden milk “nicecream”


Ready-made ice cream is super tasty. There’s no denying that. However, many vegan ice creams contain too much sugar. Our delicious “nicecream”, though, which has been our quick and healthy number one favourite ice cream for a few years now, doesn’t contain any extra sugar. The fructose from the ripe, frozen bananas is enough on its own.




Slice the bananas, place them in a Tupperware box and leave in the freezer for at least 5 hours.


To make the "nicecream" base, place the bananas into a food processor and blend until creamy.


For each of the different "nicecream" varieties, add the relevant extra ingredient to the frozen bananas and blend everything until creamy. Serve immediately.


Vegan Nicecream


Adjust Servings:
“Niceream” base
1 banana
For raspberry “nicecream”
100g raspberries
For strawberry “nicecream”
100g strawberries
For blueberry “nicecream”
100g blueberries
For choco “nicecream”
1 tbsp cocoa powder
For matcha “nicecream”
1 tsp matcha powder
For golden milk “nicecream”
1 tsp golden milk powder

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Eat This

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